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Children, teens and even parents themselves undergoing difficulties come to us
with complex and often long-standing problems. Dr. Kemp treats a wide range
of problems afflicting young people as well as adults.

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Welcome to the Office of Dr. Janet Lee Kemp

You Believe Your Child is Unique. We Believe You’re Right.

It’s a universal truth that children and adolescents are the most special and unique of humans. We care for them, educate them, guide them through life, and prepare them for adulthood. But some children — even very bright ones — sometimes need help handling and coping with their lives.

Imagine your child or teenager is manifesting symptoms. Symptoms, perhaps, of anxiety, anger, constant lying, depression, or the inability to connect with you and others. What would you do? Would you scold him? Belittle him? Punish him for not behaving properly? Despite what generations before us believed, none of these are appropriate or helpful. And what would you do if you we’re struggling with work, relationships, intimacy, and possibly even addiction?

That’s where Dr. Janet Lee Kemp comes in. Dr. Kemp is a warm, friendly, modern psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults with a special emphasis on children. And she believes that every person — no matter their age — is unique and deserves special care and understanding.

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Personalized Service

Dr. Kemp is a problem solver who has been practicing for almost a decade in the Ohio area. She grew up in Ohio, went to high school here and is dedicated to helping her community.

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Convenient Location

The office of Dr. Janet Lee Kemp is conveniently located at 3659 Green Road, Suite 102
Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

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If you, your child would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the office of Dr. Janet Lee Kemp at (216) 220-7247.