What is a consultation with a psychiatrist like? Does the doctor ask questions? Does the patient speak? In a nutshell, yes and yes. Dr. Kemp provides all of her patients with an age-appropriate diagnostic consultation which may consist of one to two 50 minute-sessions. During these sessions, she will meet with the person seeking help and together they will collaborate on a treatment process with a goal toward a more well-balanced, happy existence. If it is a child or an adolescent, the parents will, of course, be involved, but not until after Dr. Kemp has evaluated the patient. It is then that Dr. Kemp will share any clinical impressions and a proposed treatment plan. Dr. Kemp has been told frequently that the time spent answering questions and concerns were the most valuable aspect of the initial consultation and served to relieve much anxiety. Treatment recommendations are personalized to the individual’s needs and may involve therapy, medication, psychological testing, laboratory testing, and other services. If psychological testing or special therapy is indicated, Dr. Kemp will provide appropriate referrals.