There is no greater feeling of helplessness for a parent then when their child or teen is struggling with mental illness, behavioral, relationship, or school related difficulties. It’s often just as difficult for adults to deal with problems like these themselves without proper help and guidance. While it is understandable, parents often have myriad reasons not to ask for help. More often than not, parents feel that their troubled child or teen or even their own struggles reflect badly on their parenting and coping skills and are embarrassed to seek out help. Individualized and highly attentive care is precisely what that person needs to help him form a treatment plan to promote his mental and emotional health.

Children, teens and even parents themselves undergoing difficulties come to us with complex and often long-standing problems.  At the office of Dr. Janet Kemp we do our best to provide a timely appointment and follow-up care.

Because we believe that every person, be they a child, a teen or an adult, is unique, it is our supreme goal to provide him or her with special treatment customized to that individual.